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Worried about losing your job to automation?


Well, if you aren’t, you should be… according to Forbes, 60 million jobs have already been replaced by automation in the United States.

This is an ongoing and growing trend. No sign of it going away or slowing down. Nope.


“Robots Stole Blue Collar Jobs, Now AI Is Coming for White Collar Workers” ~ VoA

“Robots Will Replace 20 Million Jobs by 2030, Oxford Report Finds” ~ US News & World Report

“Do we need humans for that job? Automation booms after COVID” ~ AP News

“As COVID-19 wanes, employers are accelerating the use of robots. Where does that leave workers?"  ~ Los Angeles Times

Sounds rough, right?!? Even a little scary.

Don’t just duck & cover. That play, while comfy-cozy, doesn’t have a happy ending.

You need the right tools to survive in this chaotic environment.

It’s a good thing I’ve built a program and community to help you accomplish just that.

Traditional education was never built to address the needs of today’s world … it’s geared [no pun intended] to serve an industrial age, not the blink-and-its-blown-your-doors-off age of information & automation. It’s just WAY too slow … and too pricey, to boot.
Nega-bonus: it also sets people on a single path, making them easy to automate. Nobody wants to shell out a lot of coin for the privilege of being a sitting duck.

FastFulcrum = quick shift … get it?
You’ll learn to adapt, evolve, and be capable of moving quick: either ahead of or in response to an ever-changing employment market.

FastFulcrum: The Program, The Path … 

The 7 FastFulcrum courses are transformative, each one building upon the other until you’ve crafted a vast new skillset and worldview with which to wildly succeed in this chaotic world.

Here’s the rogue’s lineup of courses:

Remain Relevant - This is the bedrock course upon which all the others firmly stand. Remain Relevant teaches the student how to take a comprehensive inventory of their skills, experiences, values and connections and learn how to practically apply them toward professional survival.

Developing Contextual Skillsets - This one breaks things down … literally. Developing Contextual Skillsets challenges and dissolves the student’s preexisting programming regarding education and demonstrates dynamic approaches to developing new, essential skillsets.

Cultivating Curiosity - D’you think curiosity is one of those things that kind of happens, just coming along wily-nilly, like a summer breeze? Guess what? It’s a powerful force that can be wielded as a tool to enhance focus and force-multiply your personal evolution. Cultivating Curiosity teaches you how to do just that.

Leveraging Intelligence - If you hadn’t noticed, please allow me to point out that the world’s a complex place. It requires the right mental tools and lenses in order to best perceive what’s going on. Leveraging Intelligence equips the student with the fundamentals of risk intelligence, systems thinking and game theory [no math … I promise] that reinvigorates how they see the world and many of its interconnections.

Kindling Creativity - Creativity is critical as a survival skill. Even though AI is encroaching on this space, creativity remains an essential part of what makes us human and it’s absolutely imperative that we develop and evolve this ability. Kindling Creativity stokes and directs the flames of creation, allowing you to harness its power to your advantage.

Igniting the Iconoclast - Why is it good to learn about, develop and adopt the attributes of iconoclasts? Simple: iconoclasts, by definition, are very difficult to automate. Through this course, you’ll see how to cultivate attributes and actions that will make you uniquely distinct and more competitive … and hard to automate.

Remain Relevant 2.0 - This final course bookends the program, adding additional and practical reflective and analytical tools to your arsenal, allowing you to become even more aware of the tools and resources at your disposal with which to remain competitive in today’s world, along with extra methods for better looking at the world and stay ahead of its changes.

Through FastFulcrum, You Will Learn How To:
  • Identify Your Most Valuable Skills and Aptitudes
    • Make yourself indispensable to your employer
    • Or … be the last one laid off when automation rolls in
  • Quickly Enhance Your Core Strengths
    • Outshine the competition
    • Become irreplaceable
  • Expertly Assess Trends and Changes In the Marketplace
    • Stay ahead of the curve
    • You’ll know what’s coming before anybody else does (and  achieve first-mover advantage)
  • Become a Recognized Thought Leader In Your Tribe
    • Be seen as the go-to expert
    • Become the best and only choice for your team, fans, and followers

Once you complete the FastFulcrum courses, you’ll be infinitely more competitive, be more agile and possess weaponized, street-cred wisdom.

Generally, I’m awesome. Seriously, I’ve done a lot of different stuff over the course of my “anti-career” that’s given me a unique, multidisciplinary and cross-industry perspective. Having that has enabled me to dodge several bullets and led me to create FastFulcrum. Now YOU can benefit from my scars and scrapes.
On top of 25 years working in technology [including R&D, competitive intelligence and cybersecurity], I was also an adjunct professor across multiple disciplines for almost 17 years. That’s a long haul. Additionally, I was an academic director over a handful of graduate programs.
Having my feet in both the professional & academic worlds, the humdinger takeaway was that traditional education is not preparing individuals for a rapidly changing world. Not at all.
So, I created FastFulcrum to deliver crucial survival skills needed in the Age of Automation that aren’t delivered via traditional education. [Although it supplements traditional education VERY well!]

For just $199 per month, you get:
  • Full access to my ever-growing library of courses
  • Early access to new courses before general release
  • VIP content [access to exclusive articles & discussions]
  • Access to a curated research library that will help you make informed decisions
  • Detailed, ongoing analyses of the ever-changing automation situation
You also get access to me for 1:1 mentoring and coaching. You can’t beat that deal.
Or, all FastFulcrum courses in the library are individually priced or grouped in discounted bundles and available to buy at “Basic” and “Plus” levels … lifetime access for less than the average price of a couple of college classes.
Still not convinced? Jump right in, join the free FastFulcrum network and get a taste of what’s available!

I work with individuals and organizations including:     
  • Big Data/Analytics  
  • Legal professionals   
  • Marketing professionals    
  • Engineering professionals   
  • Software developers   
  • Sales professionals   
  • IT professionals   
  • Product management & product design professionals   
  • Customer care professionals   
  • Compliance & audit professionals   
  • Analysis professionals    
And more …
“Remain Relevant helped me to become aware and learn more about AI & automation and the effects this technology will have on lives in the near future.”  ~ Robert B., FastFulcrum student
“Remain Relevant has been a game-changer for me both personally and professionally. I now have tools that have guided me to understand more of what I want to do, what I can do, and what I can learn to do.” ~ Vicky V., FastFulcrum student
“One of the many things I enjoy about Evans is how he challenges you to think beyond the surface.” ~ Nancy W., FastFulcrum student

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See you in there!

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