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Are you afraid of being made professionally obsolete?

If you are not, you should be… according to Forbes.com, 60 million jobs have already been replaced by automation in the United States. Spooky, right?

On top of that, according to both U.S.News.com and BBC.com, 20 million jobs will be replaced by automation by 2030. I'll just bet you're thinking that 2030 is still a long time away, but it's only 9 years away

Needless to say, this presents a problem.  But there's is a solution …

(SPOILER: You DON’T have to Enroll in Expensive College Courses)

I have an all-too-true story to tell you …

I knew the axe was going to fall. I had joined a large international tech company just a year earlier during what is now known as the “Internet Bubble”. That’s not what those working in it at the time called it. We called it “Fat City”.

It was a go-go time in tech. You could wad up your resume, throw it out the window on your way out to lunch, get back to the office and have three voice messages offering you jobs. Okay, maybe the job market wasn’t that hot … but it was very close.

When the Internet Bubble burst, a lot of companies got shelled – hard. Ours was one of them, which came as a bit of a shock. When I started with the company, a communications technology behemoth, we were 100,000 employees strong. Before the layoffs were over, we were reduced to less than half that size.

There were Human Resources teams assigned to each office to perform layoffs … 8 hours a day, 5 days a week until the cuts had been completed. Then, they moved on to the next office to rinse & repeat.
When I was called in, everyone in the room knew what was about to go down. The poor HR ‘hatchet team’ looked exhausted … how many people had they laid off before they came to our office? It had to be grueling work.

I felt really bad for them and told them that I would sign whatever I needed to get my severance, but that we could quickly blow through whatever they had to do by law as fast as possible so they could take a few minutes to go grab a cup of coffee & a breath of fresh air.

They practically hugged me and were both relieved and elated. Hey, what did I have to worry about? I’d bounce back, incredibly quickly, probably making even more that that job was paying.

Then … 9/11 happened.

Jobs dried up. What had once been fields of diamonds were converted into trenches of coal, practically overnight.

I was out of work for nine months.



But … here’s the punchline:

I survived.

How, you ask? Well, read on …

If you want to quickly get practical skills that will help keep you professionally relevant & more secure, “see around corners” and detect professional threats before they arise, or even if you just want to be the last one standing when automation – or anything else - impacts your organization, then read on!

Here’s why you need these skills & abilities …

Coronavirus is changing the workforce in many ways, but a couple of ways are particularly impactful:

• It’s directly causing job loss
• It’s causing companies to turn to automation in order to keep getting work done!

I'll bet you're wondering, “who is this guy?” Well, I'll tell you who I am …

I’m Evans Mehew and I’m an expert on becoming professionally bulletproof in times of chaos and turmoil.

I’ve worked in higher education for over 16 years as both an adjunct professor and as a university graduate program administrator. I’ve also worked for various technology companies for over 25 years in assorted capacities, including competitive intelligence, research & development, and cybersecurity. Through many years of first-hand experience, observation and working with students & professionals, I have come to understand what skills are required to survive in these tumultuous times, how to effectively deliver them, how to keep them honed and how to drive ongoing evolution.

The FastFulcrum curriculum will give you everything you need to professionally survive and thrive in the age of coronavirus & automation.

Act now. The world is changing faster & faster and there’s no time to waste.

“Millions of Americans Have Lost Jobs in the Pandemic—And Robots and AI Are Replacing Them Faster Than Ever” ~ Time.com

From Forbes: "U.S. Lost Over 60 Million Jobs—Now Robots, Tech And Artificial Intelligence Will Take Millions More"

“The World Economic Forum (WEF) concluded in a recent report that “a new generation of smart machines, fueled by rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, could potentially replace a large proportion of existing human jobs.” Robotics and AI will cause a serious “double-disruption,” as the coronavirus pandemic pushed companies to fast-track the deployment of new technologies to slash costs, enhance productivity and be less reliant on real-life people.”

Here’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg of What You Get …

The FastFulcrum curriculum works as both a shield and a sword: it helps you protect yourself and avoid professional impacts and it also helps you to recover more quickly and effectively if you should encounter such an impact. Further, it enables you to strike out into new areas and opportunities that were previously out of reach.

Money, energy, time. All three are vital currencies. Although you can proceed at your own pace, if you stick to the schedule you can work through each class in as little as five weeks, saving you time and energy [getting you essential professional survival skills very quickly – perhaps ‘in the nick of time’.]

Additionally, you’ll adopt a fresh mindset & abilities that directly and practically apply to surviving into today’s crazy world … not just receive vague theories.

• When you complete the FastFulcrum curriculum, think about how good you’ll feel about yourself when you’re able to perceive the world differently, apply what you’ve learned in a professional context, remain relevant in any context and outmaneuver your competition!

• Once you complete the curriculum, think about the sense of achievement and relief you will feel – you’ll know that you have unique, innovative skills and perspectives that will help carry you through any kind of chaos the world throws at you.

• Many of your peers and colleagues will want to know what your secret is … it’s your call whether or not to tell them!

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to the FastFulcrum curriculum yet, you can join the FastFulcrum network for free today.

What You Will Get from the Free FastFulcrum Network

  • Remain informed about timely & interesting developments in the age of automation
  • Engage in lively, useful conversations
  • Connect with fascinating people
  • Interact with FastFulcrum students
  • Ask questions that I will personally respond too

What You Get from the FastFulcrum Curriculum

  • Education not available via traditional environments and approaches 
    • Innovative approach to self-assessment 
    • Practical connection of your unique skillset to the world's needs
    • Capability to rapidly pivot to avoid professional impacts
    • Heightened ability to identify where you can naturally boost your skillset


“Remain Relevant helped me to become aware and learn more about Artificial Intelligence and automation and the effects this technology will have on lives in the near future. Being able to learn the Ikigai and SWOT/PEST tools allowed me to understand existing skills I currently possess but will allow for new strengths to be developed while expanding my professional and personal profile.  The instructor is great at including other material and topics outside of the weekly curriculum that are beneficial to developing a better knowledge base of the tools and questions within the syllabus.” ~ Robert B., FastFulcrum student

“Remaining Relevant has been a game-changer for me both personally and professionally. I now have tools that have guided me to understand more of what I want to do, what I can do, and what I can learn to do. Adapting to changes in our workforce was a struggle for me, but now I can see how to pivot my thinking and learning. Evans is a phenomenal facilitator! He is engaging and is truly passionate about sharing his knowledge to help you. He encourages interaction and is always thoughtful about your own individual journey. I would highly recommend Evans’ courses for anyone who has a desire to learn and grow in this changing world.” ~ Vicky V., FastFulcrum student

“One of the many things I enjoy about Evans and his course is how he challenges you to think beyond the surface.  His diverse background, broad knowledge and eclectic insights support his style of investigative inquiry.  After every session, I come away inspired with a fresh perspective.” ~ Nancy W., FastFulcrum student

“Evans Mehew is a leading mind in the Robotic Age.  His foresight and guidance to his students changes their lives. This training opened my eyes to my value from all my education.  I am more open to opportunities in my life after only two of the seven class program.  I have gained confidence. I was confident before, this confidence is more than just the certifications I hold, it is real value.  It is the value I feel in myself.  This perspective is critical for being ready to compete in the Robotic Age.” ~ Cathy C., FastFulcrum student

“I … wanted to say thank you for being a part of your Remaining Relevant course. Seems fortuitous given the topics but I’ve been offered an internal role to move out of my audit team and have accepted … I attribute your class with helping me to be open minded, think of my skills in new ways and give myself credit for my life experiences – thank you!” ~ Taresa D., FastFulcrum student

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